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Update 1.0.1 – Formatting of decimals

We made a quick update to version 1.0.1. Users reported presentation problems due to numbers with a lot of decimals.

For the programmer in you: We fixed the formatting of float numbers and displaying only two decimal digits now. Function used number.toFixed(2).

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Why another password meter?

Of course, you might instantaneously ask why another web site about password strength and why another application to check it. Good question…

Well, the story is simple. About a month ago, I discovered The Password Meter and found it really cool. Because Jeff decided to publish his code under GPL, I decided to translate it into German and make it available on my own web site. But why is this site in English than?

While translating the site I discovered, that it is hard to maintain and difficult to style. Code and UI were interwoven. Because I am a quality assurance manager with experience in web design and high performance web programming, I decided to change that. And one thing came to the other.

After a while, I had completely rewritten most of the code, redesigned the layout, and enhanced it with some nifty Javascript.¬† Thanks to the JQuery guys by the way…¬† and I have not found the time to translate it into German, but will do that definitely.

The project helped my to learn a lot about object oriented programming in Javascript and yes, it sucks! But it was important to keep the application browser bound to make it trustful and easy to transfer  to other systems or even use it locally. The JQuery part helped my to spice it up a little bit.

During redesign, I discovered some bugs in the original code and changed the functionality big time to make it easier to maintain while keeping it still easy to understand.

Feel free to complain, suggest improvements, or simply use it. It is not perfect and still has some flaws. But the basic functionality works as expected. Of course, this code is available under GPL. Grab it, change it, and have fun with it.

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